The Dangers of Parked Cars

Many parents are unaware of the dangers lurking around parked cars. In 2002, (according to Kids N Cars), there were 312 reported cases of injuries and 113 deaths. Statistics show that one child is run over at least every day in America (per Kids and Cars). By learning what the dangers are and taking preventative methods, … Read more

Booster Seat Information

Booster Seat Information Booster seats: Children between the ages of 4 – 8 are currently in the biggest risk category in terms of injury and death in motor vehicle crashes.  The reason is that many parents, for whatever reason, are not keeping the child in a booster seat.  A child should ride in a booster … Read more

Airplanes and Safe Travel for Children

While not mandated, the safest way for a young child to travel on an airplane is in an approved car seat.  Car seats are needed to protect the child against turbulence.  In non-fatal accidents, in-flight turbulence is the leading cause of injury to airline passengers and flight attendants. (FAA Facts About Turbulence). Reasons to use … Read more

After Market Products

Here are the more common after market products.  Remember that no federal testing applies to these products.  Using one will make your child the “crash test dummy” in the event of a collision.  Their effect on the safety of any car seat is unknown, and they should be avoided. After Market Products Infant head supports: … Read more

Did You Know…?

What you don’t know CAN hurt you! The following information often times surprises parents.  Either it wasn’t mentioned in their car restraint manuals, the manuals weren’t read, or it was something that they never thought about.  Please read on to learn more life saving information! Did you know…? …that car seats and winter coats are … Read more